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The idea for Clicks Charms was inspired by Drew’s wonderful daughter Lucja (soon-to-be Andrea’s step daughter!). Her enthusiasm for charms, jewelry, and anything magnetic led us to the idea of Clicks. While she loves collecting charms, we noticed she quickly grew tired of regular kid jewelry. After only a couple of wears a necklace or ring would inevitably end up stuffed in a drawer never to be seen again. So we thought, “How do we make kid jewelry that’s fun and fashionable, but also keeps kids entertained for a long time?” And Clicks Charms was born!

In our early stages we created prototypes for Lucja to test with her friends, and we were blown away by how much the kids loved the jewelry. Then Lucja asked if she could sell the prototypes at school. We said, ‘Why not?!’ Soon she was gaining confidence, learning about the fundamentals of business, and psyched that we were allowing her to keep the profits! That’s when we realized we could truly empower and educate kids about entrepreneurship with Clicks Charms by selling it directly through our Clicks Kidpreneurs. Why give a half of our profits to retailers when we can split it with kids like Lucja, and educate and empower them in the process? We also strongly believe in raising responsible citizens so Clicks Kidpreneurs will have a choice of three charities to choose from to donate a portion of our profits.

The mission of Clicks Charms is two-fold: to give kids a fun and fabulous new form of jewelry they’ll love, AND to empower and educate kids about entrepreneurship in order to build confidence, and motivate the next generation to be successful leaders in business.

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